Honorable Thomas Morrison (R), Representative

54th Representative District

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For the Good of Illinois Record Scorecard [96th and 97th G.A.'s]: 86% ( / 100%) 
Edtor's Commentary:
"As a matter of custom, all legislators, even state lawmakers, are properly addressed as "Honorable," abbreviated as "Hon."; and the editor of this site, as a general rule, refuses to bestow Illinois State Representatives and Senators with the amount of unearned respect and adoration that the use of this word implies. However, Hon. Thomas Morrison deserves our praise for being a rare exception to that rule, and a true philanthropist, by refusing to accept a publicly-paid pension benefit in lieu of the State's fiscal crisis, where this simple decision of his provides all Illinois lawmakers with a true example of leadership: the kind that Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and Illinois Senate President John Cullerton have failed to provide in all their years of service."